Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jerome beer experience: drink, eat, sleep, brew...

Jerome Brewing Company introduces the "beer experience". Visitors can now taste our five varieties, eat at our day pub, stay at the brewery's cabins and brew some beer the next day themselves!

For the late Eduardo Maccari, founder and director of Jerome, the sky was the limit, and his son, Eduardo Jr. continues his vision. The company now offers tourists the comfort of their newly renovated cabins to use as part of their “beer experience'. The cabins have a queen size and two extra beds, a private bathroom, a sitting room with Direct TV and a refrigerator.

The property also features a Finnish sauna, also built by Eduardo Sr., where visitors can sit and relax as they enjoy gorgeous views of the Andes mountains.

Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy a brisk walk to a nearby creek or just rest or have a beer in the spacious garden surrounded by pine, birch, apple and willow trees. For the more adventurous visitor rafting, horseback riding and trekking are also an option in the area

Periodically, Jerome brewing Company organizes events such as Oktoberfest, featuring live music, food and beer tastings. The brewery's bar-restaurant offers their great varieties of ales and a menu that combines both European and Argentinean culinary traditions.

Finally, after so many activities and a good rest, the "beer experience" takes its final shape: tourists can now be part of the brewing process. They will learn about the basics of brewing and craft a couple of bottles themselves. Now THIS is a true beer experience!

For more info or to request a beer experience please post your questions on this blog, write me an email: patricia.jerome@gmail.com or visit www.cerveza jerome.com

Brew you later!